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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Deadly Caution in the Rain by Lindamay

Deadly Caution in the Rain

The rain poured down from all around
Like the sky had been split in two,
He'd said "be careful" and "do not stop"
My dad was wise, I always knew.

My teeneage years were here with me
I was smart and I was half grown up,
I'd listen then be on my way
My friends would laugh and say 'whas up.'

Tonight my mother had worried so
She didn't want me to go and play,
But buddies were waiting down on the field
This rain would not get in our way.

I drove with caution when I was all alone
My friends would have chidded me so,
But I had precious years ahead of me
And driving like this they'd never know.

The car lights came up fast and bright
I swerved to avoid a wreck,
I braced myself for the screeching halt
There was no time to protect my neck.

I remember the sound when he hit my car
Like transformers changing shapes again,
The crash, the clatter, the crumpled sounds
But mostly I remember just hearing the rain.

He stumbled over and looked in on me
There was something that was in my way,
I remember his eyes and his smelly breath
I did not move when he drove away.

I'd driven with caution as my dad had asked
I'd done all that I should have done,
But in the end, just as it usually is
The drunk who drove is the one who won.

Linda May Spivey~Bjorklund
17 August 2009

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