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Friday, May 15, 2009

I Am by Joanne

I Am

I am the granddaughter of Italian immigrants.
They came from across the great sea
Braving trials so difficult and imminent
So that their children could be born free.

I Am

The daughter of my parents, oldest of four
In the shadow of the elders I was born and bred.
As I grew up in two cultures I secretly deplored
How youth preferred temporal frivolities instead. 

I Am

Now living in the Old World that my elders left behind;
With my family I am here to stay and live my life.
It’s back to the beginnings, back to the basics unrefined,
Intertwining cultures I am blending as mother and wife.

I Am

At the autumn of my years I suddenly realize that time
Speeding quickly by is nothing compared to the pure love
That blossomed all these years for all those I call mine.
Eternal and free, come fly away with me, like a pure white dove. 

© Joanne Pons
14 May 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Am by Selena

I Am

I Am

I am only one person who cares
And spreads love and friendship in the air
When someone is down and out
I take away what makes them want to pout

I Am

I am someone dear to a friend
I will stand by them until the end
When no one cares I am the one who does
By spreading my love and hugs

I Am

I am someone who is special in my own way
I spread happiness each and every day
No matter what the day may  bring
I am someone who makes a friends heart sing

I Am

I am a person who is a friend through and through
No matter what a person may say or do
I am a person who will be very kind
For my friends heart and mine are entwined.

Copyright © 2009
Selena AKA JaNell Harris

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Am by Seagull

I Am

I am deeper than you'd think
Though few get closer than the brink
Of what I am inside
What a smile sometimes can hide

Many issues cross my mind
Some are troubling, some are kind
At times alone I cry
At the suffering that I spy

I am gentle, I am shy
So much more than meets the eye
Wishing naught but love to friends
I am loyal to the end

I am happy and I'm free
Have no trouble being me
Though I sometimes am a ham
What I am is what I am!

© Seagull

I Am by Marianne


I am perfect and unique
I tell myself that every day
I am a bear yet sometimes weak
But I know it is OK
I am human, so let me be
Please that is the only way
let me be ME!
© Marianne Milde 2009

Made out of notes, clefs and bars
Made out of sounds to reach the stars
Made out of words, letters together
Made out of sentences that last forever
Made out of dreams that can come true
Made out of hopes that are always there too
Yes I'm made out of music, lyrics - songs
It's in the musical world I belong
© Marianne Milde 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pensive on Mothers Day by Linda


It is Mother's Day in Australia
And I look around me with pride.
The love and joy of my daughters
Brings warmth I cannot hide. 

Sitting at my desk, now writing
I look back across the years
Hearing once more the laughter
Feeling the sting of tears. 

How blessed I feel to have them ~
That their tiny hands sought mine.
To be able to patch up scraped knees
And to know that all was fine. 

My heart is full, contentment mine
As I watch their futures evolve,
They work and live and love
And problems try to solve. 

Yet I am feeling troubled
As I think of and remember others
Whose hearts were broken quite in two
Who never became Mothers. 

Those who came home with empty arms
To an empty cradle and silent toys,
No little ones to nurture ~
No little girls or boys. 

I think of those who had no choice
Decisions made by those who "knew best"
Made to give up their little ones
Surely life's greatest test.

Those girls who gave the best gift
To those whose need was real,
A child to love and nurture
Maternal things to feel. 

I think of those who stand in place,
While Mothers work and toil,
Taking care of little ones with love
Not afraid to spoil.
So bless you Mothers one and all
Whatever your story may hold,
May the sun shine bright for you
And you never feel the cold.
© Linda J. Vaughan
May 9th. 2009

I Am by Lindamay

I Am
I am God's child of Innocense
....I am the mirror of who HE is
I am my mother's daughter
....I am the blood of her
I am my husband's lover
...We are what God has made
I am my daughter's mother
...She is the blood of me
I am who they call grandma
...These little ones of God
I am fulfilled with spirit
I love the feel of rain
I am the Season's child
Renewed with life again.
I am a child
I am a daughter
I am a wife
I am a mother
I am a grandmother
I am a great grandmother
I am what God has blessed me with.
06 May 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

Do Writers Procrastinate by Christina

Do All Writers Procrastinate?

I ponder now this question
and wonder is it true -
Do all writers procrastinate
or is just a few?

Are there others out there like me
who often put off today
Things to be done "tomorrow"
that we could've yesterday?

Do they too have "mental trays"
of all that must be done,
Only to shift them round again
to get out of doing one?

Putting off for a moment
with a promise to return
But do they also make an excuse
and once again they spurn?

Is it because there are things
to which our souls relate,
Through the freedom of expression
and poetry* we create

Is it because we're writers
and not through any plan
That we see things differently
that others don't understand

I know I have a list of things
both mentally and written
Of things I know that I should do
but my writing has me smitten

I'd rather be here penning thoughts
through words I can express
How things in life make me feel;
it's like therapy, I guess.

For it's here we find a comfort
not in daily chores
But through the things by which we learn
through words we can explore -

Does it make us lazy,
passive or careless?
No, we just see and think differently
I believe that says it best.

So I ponder now the question
do we procrastinate?
Who cares when we are writing -
it'll get done someday!

© Christina
7th May 2009

* Poetry meaning an expression of words in any form - ie. poetry in motion

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Am by Tootypup


I am but one Soul 
Out of many in this time
One with just a simple mind
The tears I cry blind my eyes
Of shadows from yesterday's time
I am a Child
Innocent and free
The magical moments 
Of childhood games and the sweet memories
Till the day my innocence was taken away
I am Fear
That took away my smile
Breaking my spirit for the rest of my life
An elder of trust broke the rule
With no emotions he was so cruel
I am Afraid
Of what happened in the shadows of yesterday
No one heard the words I did pray
For the Lord to keep me safe each and every day
And to take my pain away
I am Lost
Not to know what is right
In the dark of my room on lonely nights
Hidden with emotion and the tears I always cried
My dreams of hope was what kept me alive
I am Alone
With this secret that stays so deep inside
A scar that is embedded deep in my soul
Being held close to me never to be told
Hidden it will stay within, till I grow old
I am a Master
Who hides my silent pains
Always happy to the eyes of the day
I am the strength for the ones in need
In your eyes the truth I can always see

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's In the Silence by Marianne

It's In the Silence

Find the silence and you'll hear
voices of guidance in your ear
helping you through the day
showing you the right way

Find the silence and you'll find
peace and quiet, and you'll shine
you will grow
you'll be whole

It's in the silence you can heal your soul
and find strength to see you through
In the si-lence everything will un-fold
and you'll know what to do
Find the silence and you'll see
what it is you're meant to be
the truth is there
ust be aware
It's in the silence you can heal your soul
and find strength to see you through
In the si-lence everything will un-fold
and you'll know what to do

Be still, be very still
just the sound of your heart is there
Be still, be very still
listen to it with care

It's in the silence you can heal your soul
and find strength to see you through
In the silence everything will unfold
and you'll know what to do

In the silence everything will unfold
and you'll know what to do

© 2006 Marianne Milde

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Am From by Debra

I Am From

I am from the vineyards of Alsace, from the forests of Britain, the fields of County Cork and the tee pees of North America.
I am from a white farmhouse atop a hill, rolling pastures, deep woods, the smell of hay and manure.
I am from Snapdragon, Tiger Lily and tall, leafy trees.
I am from farmers wise in the ways of the earth and judges versed in the law. 
I am from Countremans, Armacosts, Shiveleys and Gaffins who believed in hard work, God, justice and rain.
I am from generations of men and women who tilled the earth and asked no man for aid.
I am from “He who will not work, neither shall he eat,” said with stern face framing sparkling, loving eyes.
I am from Baptists and Quakers: “Thou shalt not kill, covet, lie, steal.” 
I am from a small steepled church nestled within the hills of Southern Ohio.
I am from pastures, lowing cattle and salt licks. 
I am from fields shooting forth tobacco plants, tall wheat, alfalfa. 
I am from hay-filled barns, three legged stools and tall, shiny cans redolent with the scent of fresh, warm milk. 
I am from the garden: ripe tomatoes and corn, green beans and onions.
I am from the spring house, cool and refreshing on a hot summer day, filled with rich cream, cheeses, and newly churned butter.
I am from a mother who walked away in search of a better life and found heartache instead.
I am from the south end: rag tag houses falling down, gaunt children staring from sagging front porches.
I am from a Catholic church built tall: gilded and marbled, smelling of incense. 
 I am from rosaries and chalices. 
I am from Ave Maria.
I am from God.
I am from the loneliness of an abandoned child, born to poverty and neglect.
I am from a race of strong women who refused to be held down, who would not say yes when they meant no.
I am from a country torn by assassination, Viet Nam and the Atomic Bomb.
I am from the flashing lights, the music, the throbbing beat of disco. 
I am from the deliciousness of a soul reborn, dancing with arms uplifted.
I am from the wedding; the chapel flower-laden; the organ pealing forth a song of promise.
I am from adoption agencies: babies lost; hopes crushed; tears shed.
I am from the joy of motherhood.
I am from the nursery: powder-scented days of Nursery Nirvana; baby lotion and Similac; somnolent dawns and dreamy dusks.
I am from the world of anomalies: beautiful baby face: cleft lip and palate.  Can no one else see his beauty?
I am from the hospital room.  Sweet baby held close: must keep safe; must alleviate the pain; must do this for him.
I am from an author long dead:  poems collected in a cigar box.  Pete Seager singing Grandpa’s words. 
 I am from a grandfather never met, yet so close to my heart.
I am from the printed page; goals reached; dreams attained. 
I am from the story told and the story read.
I am from many things.
I am from my experiences.
I am from the Universe.
©2007 Debra Shiveley Welch

I Wish I Had a Million Challenge by Christina

I Wish I Had A Million...

I wish I had a million maids,
then I would be able to
Sit back and relax at last
with nothing more to do

I wouldn't have to worry 'bout
the simplest little things
There'd be no need to question
for any of these "sins"

I'd never have to ponder
on what to cook for tea
Or how many dishes it would make,
it'd no longer worry me

No more dishes on the sink
or dust upon the floor
No need to vacuum up the mess
others have left before

No more jumping to the gun
of all that I must do
To put a load of washing on
and iron his shirts too

No need to worry about the lawn
for it too will be done
Pushing the mower and breaking my back
ain't my idea of fun!

And all my orders and brochures
these maids will do them all
When I'm backlogged and had enough
and can find no strength at all -

Nothing would ever be too much
and at last I could relax
Without the worry that I have failed
and give myself the sack!

Oh, yes, if I had a million maids
to meet my every need
Then maybe I could stay right here
and I'd never have to leave!

© Christina
5th May 2009

I Am by Christina

I Am
I am....
A reflection of an inner soul
Of loves and losses left untold
As harsh realities unfold
And the hands of time make me old
I am....
A simple heart and complex mind
Wanting love and acceptance in kind
And yet all I have managed to find
Is a world of heartbreak over time
I am....
Analytical and stubborn to a fault
Where only I can fall short
To the high standard ever sought
Inside the heart locked like a vault

I am....
The shadow of a faded dream
In a long white dress surrounding me
A picket fence and family
But things aren't always what they seem

I am....
An entity within this place
A shadow of someone without a face
Who finds solace in the embrace
And anonymonity of cyberspace

I am....
A sad and tragic case
Someone who thought she was safe
Until someone found a way
To break me down and my faith

I am....
A shell of someone who I used to be
Of someone who I hoped to be
And of someone who I'll never be
And I guess that's all that's left of me
....and I am.
© Christina
4th May 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother Nature's Painting by Tootypup

Mother Nature's Painting

The mornings silvery mist
Carrying a soft sweet fragrance
Through the forests valley's bliss
The due drops glistening reflections
Touches the mood of the time
As the soft hues of Autumn
Caressing the tiny white petals
Of the beautiful wild flowers
The aroma holding you spellbound
 Within the grasp of its magical power

A feeling of serenity filling your heart 
With tenderness as you walk
Along the mornings pathway
The beauty of this new dawns day
Touches you within your soul 
Autumn - is Mother Natures Painting
Of a season closing it's eyes 
Before the winter's cold sleep
A beauty of a promise Nature's Guardian
 Will in time forever keep
© Tootypup-Susan

I Am by Megan

I Am

I am
Lost in a place of darkness...
The mist shrouds me,
Tendrils caress my cheek,
Soft and slightly damp,
Familiar as a lover's touch.
I am
Hanging on to the guide ropes
Hoping they know the way home
But the dark music calls  me
So insistantly it lures me away
And my hold is only a fragile thing.
I am
Silent in the stillness,
My voice lost crying in the night
The tune unsung
My throat closed over
With ashes and tears.
 And then  I am
Held gently in the arms of love
The unshed tears wiped from my eyes
A quiet word whispered
A gentle soul balm
And the strength to carry on.
With that strength and love
I am
I endure.

© Megan Herbert
4th May 2009

I Am Challenge by Linda

I Am - Linda

I am part of a family
With daughters grown,
Now I am reaping
The seeds I have sown.
I see them stand tall
And in this life make their way,
Caring and Sharing
As day follows day. 

I am part of a network
Of kind caring friends,
Who care and laugh with me
No matter what life sends.

We share laughter and secrets ~
Long talks on the phone.
And as each day changes
I know I'm not alone. 


I am finding life a struggle
As I strive to be well.
How long this will take
Only time I will tell. 

I am fuzzy in thought
And tired to the core,
I would like my life back
As it was before. 


I am enjoying the seasons ~
The cat at her play.
Beautiful sunrises
That herald each new day. 

I am caring, compassionate
And try to be kind.
I am a dreamer, romantic
With words always buzzing around in my mind.

When you read these words
I hope you can see
That above all,
I am Linda - I AM ME

© Linda J. Vaughan

Mists of Autumn by Linda

Mists of Autumn

Sitting at my desk
I look out across the scene,
The empty seat, the mists that rise
And I wonder what they mean. 

I see her sitting there
And yet I know it cannot be.
For many years have gone
Since she walked with me. 

I feel her tender touch
As she would take my hand and walk,
Sometimes in quiet solitude
And yet at times we would walk. 

I look again and see her leaving
But she was never in this place,
She turns and smiles at me
I remember her lovely face. 

Seasons come and seasons go
The mists rise and fall,
Yet she visits me so often
Such memories I recall. 

Tis only in this season
When autumn chills the air
That she makes her presence felt,
And shows her tender care.
It is my favourite season
And I know she loved it too,
So we share a rendezvous,
In the mists and in the dew.
She was special in my life
And loved me like no other,
I am proud to see her in the mist  ~
My precious, much loved Grandmother. 

© Linda J. Vaughan
May 3rd. 2009

I Am Challenge by Kate

In The  Summer of the Woman I

 In the summer of the woman I
 sought not any coolness
 but luxuriated in the heat of my body,
 intoxicated by sensual breezes
 that carressed my skin.

In the summer of the woman I
 discovered more of life than dreams
 and delved deep in myself uncovering
 unused for so many seasons
 wellsprings of my creativity.

In the summer of the woman I
 became more than woman naked
 beneath full moon skies,
 skin glistening with love and stars--
 I became the sky.

 In the summer of the woman I
 learned more of love from love--
 I bathed in this etheral love
 and never tired of its calling--
 and I gladly gave it all away.

In the summer of the woman I,
 ripe and laden with summer blossom,
 grew beyond the rich love
 and embraced life fiercely,
 letting the love flow to all.

In the summer of the woman I
 became a seductive goddess
 maddening with desire and hope
 but walking away on a different path
 as I became the love I sought.

 In the summer of the woman I.

© Kate Thorn
13th Aug. 2002

Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Challenges

Here are your challenges for the Month. You may do as many or as few as you choose.
All compositions MUST be written by you.
The following are prompts to help inspire you - you are free to share other writings as well. If you participate in these challenges just be sure to Identify the Room you are writing in (ie "The Writer's Retreat - TITLE OF YOUR PIECE")
PLEASE NOTE: the new room - "Room with a View" for group discussions and also writings inspired by the topic. For the writer who writes "from a particular view".
Remember...be creative and have fun!
The Writer's Retreat
Write a mother's day story with a bittersweet twist

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Theme: Life-after-death relationship
Main character: burnt-out writer
Setting: History meets Modern Day
Begins with: A letter
Ends with: Reconciliation

* * * * * * * * * * * *
What if....today's most commonplace technology was mind control?

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Envision....A fusion of the story of Jesus and the Legend of Robin Hood
The Poet's Corner
Write a tribute to motherhood

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Write a poem inspired by the following picture: 
* * * * * * * * * * * *

Write a poem that describes a view - from a window, a rooftop, a desk, and a satellite, whatever.
The Literary Lounge
I AM Challenge
Write a poem describing yourself with the words I AM
Imagination Prompt/Fill in the Blanks
I wish I had a million_________, then I would___________
Imagination Prompt
Finish this sentence and then keep on going: "I knew instantly........."
Word Association
Take the following word, associate it with another and use that as the theme for your poem or story - Silence

Picture Prompt
Room with a View
(these can be shared through poetry, article, letter or just a friendly banter and conversation)
Are (all) writer's procrastinators? Share with us your thoughts.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
When someone asks for your opinion, are you always honest? Why or why not?
The Word Alcove

 senescent \si-NES-uhnt\, adjective:
Growing old; aging.

somnolent \SOM-nuh-luhnt\, adjective:
1. Sleepy; drowsy; inclined to sleep.
2. Tending to cause sleepiness or drowsiness.

ephemeral \ih-FEM-er-ul\, adjective:
1. Beginning and ending in a day; existing only, or no longer than, a day; as, an ephemeral flower.
2. Short-lived; existing or continuing for a short time only.

irascible \ih-RASS-uh-buhl\, adjective:
Prone to anger; easily provoked to anger; hot-tempered.

sanguine \SANG-gwin\, adjective, noun;
1. cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confident
2. reddish; ruddy
3. (in old physiology) having blood as the predominating humor and consequently being ruddy-faced, cheerful, etc.
4. blood-red; red
5. Heraldry. a reddish-purple tincture.
6. a red iron-oxide crayon used in making drawings

The Book Nook

Share with us a Book you have read recently. Review it and tell us what you think of it. Don't forget to include Title, author and ISBN (google it, if in doubt)

Thank you Selina for your contribution to the Nook last month!