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Monday, August 17, 2009

Gone in the Night by Selena

Gone In The Night

It was a cold dark rainy night, I knew better than to get into my car and drive in such weather but I did. I never saw him coming. He was just standing there in the middle of the road. I did not know that I had hit him until I felt the thud. That is when I got up and used my cell phone to call 911. Suddenly he got up and opened the door, he was mad not the angry type of mad the possessed type of mad. I never got to tell the dispatcher what had happened, I was saying “I am sorry but I did not see you in this rain, but then again you should have not been standing there in the middle of the road.”

The dispatcher said “Ma’am are you alright what type of help do you need?”

Suddenly there was a zapping sound then everything went black. I awaken but I am not in a familiar place. I am tied up and gagged, bruised, and battered. My eyes are swollen almost shut; I hurt everywhere so much so I can’t even move. The gag is removed and the guy says “now if you will not scream like the way you did after you hit me with your car, you will be able to breathe a lot better.”

I do nothing but obey; I do not want to get him angry again. I say “where am I why am I here” I hear nothing but I do see the tazer that I was zapped with before everything went black. The man says “Why did you hit me with your car?” I said “you were just standing there in the middle of the road I did not see you I am not at fault you were by just standing there” So you think it was my fault and not yours you were driving you stupid bitch.

Well you are not going to get away with this you pervert I left prints all over my car. Awe that is just it my lady, only your prints will be able to be lifted I was wearing gloves and plus the rain washed away anything that I may have left.

Oh yeah the last person who called me a pervert ended up strung upside down tied by her ankles. Held by a chain a heavy chain she was found nude just like you are. All I could do was swallow back the tears of fear that I had.

What he was describing was just like the newspaper article I read about this killer who hated women for some reason.

I most certainly did not want to become this man’s next victim.. You see my lady this is how I took those other girls. It was a dark rainy night just like it is now. They will be looking for me my cell phone has a trace on it and, that was all I got out. Suddenly I was tazed again and again so much so that I lost control of my bladder and wet the bed sheets I was covered with. That must have aroused this man next thing I know I am being raped by this man. All I could see is that this man was completely shaved. When I mean shaved I mean so that he will never leave any type of DNA evidence. None what so ever this man was smart very smart.

I try everything possible to remain alive. Wherever we are I can hear a TV in the background. He is watching the news and is keeping track of his crimes.

Staying one step ahead of the police that are tracking him down. What this man doesn’t know is that he is torturing the chief of police and the second chief in command is my very own husband. He knows that his wife is missing I can hear that on the TV my husband is careful not to say that who the chief of police is he is protecting my name sake. I am sitting there thinking to myself that if this man gets word of who he is holding captive. I will most certainly become his 24 victim. This man is sadistic very sadistic.

With each of his kills he carves the roman numeral into each of his victims.
There is a 16 year break between the crimes but now I know that this is the same killer. He must have been hiding in the shadows, like I said he was always one step ahead of the police that were trying to catch this killer.

He suddenly comes into the room and says the police will never find us.. I am way too smart than to leave trails that will lead back to me. I am thinking this guy is a freak and needs to be locked up for his crimes. If I do get out of this alive my testimony will prove that he is competent to stand trial and cannot take the insanity defense. This man does know right from wrong, I should know I have been keeping track of this man’s behavior.

I start putting two and two together, this man is completely shaved. He knows right from wrong, stays one step ahead of the police. He leaves no evidence

Dammit this man is a fricken cop himself he took the oath to protect and to serve. I’m still trying to figure out who the hell this man is. All of a sudden it goes quiet he must be gone.
I try to sense my surroundings listening to each and everything I can. I hear no traffic but I do hear water and a lot of it. I must be near a river with cabins around it. I can smell smoke someone must be staying near here the smoke I smell is from a barbecue it smells good. The swelling is going down I can see things but they are still blurry. I try calling help me I need help I am being held here against my will. Help ME that must have done it I hear a voice a familiar voice. I yell out help me I hear Chief is that you?

I yell out Dante is that you help me I hear a scuffle at the front door. Then a gun shot. Dante says Have Mercy what the hell happened to you? I have been watching the news Shit Chief I had no idea it was you but I did recognize that car of yours at the crime scene. I am calling for help right now good thing I was vacationing here or else you might have been victim 24 with the roman numerals carved into you. What happened to my captor? He is hit but alive I have him handcuffed. Handcuffed dammit Dante, you are on vacation. Chief I never let my guard down on the clock or off the clock. Next thing I know is I see my husband my loving husband Dante SR. Yes, the man who rescued me was my rookie son Dante for whom I named after my loving husband.

I am being loaded into the ambulance and I hear my captor “You Amish Bitch! You Would Have Been My 24th Amish Victim”.

Yes I am Amish however we are the kind who never forgive. And for this you will pay and pay dearly. We are not the traditional Amish but yes we are Amish. Bet you did not know that you would be beaten by an Amish person did you? Your little secret will now be exposed to the world including the traditional Amish world. You see my sadistic young man your other victims family might have over looked you as you were an English cop. Now that you have been beaten by a reformed Amish who work closely with the English and their ways of punishment.

You will never be forgiven for what you have done to the traditional and the reformed Amish.

© Selena
August 2009

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